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If you're serious about getting certified, this is the place to go. Definitely worth their competitive price. Excellent instructors, making it possible for anyone to learn no matter what your level of experience or knowledge.
 Tom Jackson & Lara Thompson

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Why Smart-Cert

 MCSE Certification :: WHY Smart-Cert Certification?                         

 Smart-Cert MCSE, CCNA, CCNP Certification provides the best facilities, charging the most reasonable  fees for your Certification Program. Here is a low down on how Smart-Cert compares with the rest.

Bootcamp Provider Training Camp Intense (NT School) Wave Technologies Smart-Cert Certification
Pre Studies  Required
Certification Duration (Days) and Prices (US Dollars)
(All 7 Papers)
12 14 10 (core 5 Paper) 14
Price (US$) 7,495/- 8490/- 6990/- 5400/-
CCNA/DA 7 6 5(CCNA) 5 (CCNA)
(US$) 2,595/- 4295/- 2,495/- 2250/-
CCNP NA 14 10 18
Price (US$) NA NA 9,495/- 7200/-
Certification Includes
Break Fast / One Meal Extra Extra Extra
*Figures based on general industry knowledge
Smart-Cert Boot Camp v/s Other Certification (Analysis)

Smart-Cert Bootcamp Participants come from All Around the World. Smart-Cert has trained students from more than 15 countries like USA, UK, (Scotland, Ireland, Wales), Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Canada, France, Holland, Japan, Belgium, Bahrain, New Zealand, Tanzania, Turkey, Kenya and more.

Experience Bootcamp Provider.  Largest Bootcamp duration provider so you can understand, digest and successfully complete MCSE, CCNA and CCNP certification.

Students from Microsoft Inc, US Armed Forces, UK Military, KPMG . . . All around the world from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe.

Only Bootcamp provider in the world which provides 24 hour lab and Trainer. Trainer stays at hotel with students.

You can complete MCSE + CCNA in less than the price of MCSE camp.

Your satisfaction guaranteed. Smart-Cert is Microsoft Certified Partner.

Trained more than 1500 students for MCSE and CCNA combined.

Smart-Cert knows The Secret of becoming successful in MCSE, CCNA and CCNP certification.  

All inclusive Camp :
  • Price includes Instruction, Official Courseware, Exam fees,  hotel accommodation, Food (Morning Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Coffee). No hidden Cost involved
  • All you have to do is book your place, Pay Fees  to us, book flights. We do the rest.
  • Pass rate so far - highest in industry.
  • Class size - between 4 to 8  Students.
  • Trainer and lab assistant available all the time for one to one tutoring.
  • Hours are from 9am to 6pm with breaks. 
  • Exam preparation provided and all exams done as soon as a subject is completed.

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